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Nicolas Raoul

IT consultant in Tokyo


I am Nicolas Raoul (ニコラ・ラウル), from France.
I live in Azabujuban (Tokyo), and work on Alfresco at Aegif in Roppongi Hills.
Don't hesitate to contact me at


I give various presentations about new technologies and open source software, in front of audiences reaching 250.

I organize events every week since 2009, with tens of regulars and hundreds of irregulars, in Mori Tower and around.

I help run Hills Breakfast, a monthly presentations event, sometimes as MC.

Open Source

I started creating Open Source software at age 16, and now I manage about 10 projects. I am also a mentor for Google Summer of Code, Coogle Code-in, Outreachy every year.


CmisSync is like Dropbox for Enterprise Content Management. It uses the CMIS standard to keep employees' documents in sync with any enterprise server.


AnkiDroid has been downloaded by 3.000.000 students to memorize vocabulary. Team of ~20 active volunteers around the globe. MakeUseOf has ranked it among the Top 100 Android app.